Starting another blog

(I am going to assume you got here from my book blog, Reading Fuelled By Tea. If not, go read some of that and come back).

So often on my morning cycle rides, amusing things happen to me, or I think of something interesting, and I want to share it. Ergo, Adventures with Cecily.

Cecily is my beloved bicycle, purchased in February (2011). I don’t have a picture of Cecily herself, but this was her from the website:

If I tell you that my car is called Bunbury, the previous car was called Algernon and the previous bicycle (which almost exclusively sat on the balcony) was called Gwendoline, you should get the connection. If not, go read (or even better, see a performance of) Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

I think I’ll be posting all of the following here:

– general bike-related thoughts and links

– funny or interesting things that occur to me (or happen to me) on my cycle rides

– questions for more experienced cyclists than myself!

Welcome to Adventures with Cecily

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