Triathlon eeeeek

My employer (which is a large accountancy firm) has encouraged its employees to enter the London Triathlon, either individually or as teams, and I was initially sorely tempted to join a team (cycling – running and swimming are Not My Thing) but noticing that the date is a few days after my final accountancy qualification exams, bit my tongue. My year group from my department got a team together and I heard no more.

Until today, when a plea went out to replace a cyclist who has to attend his girlfriend’s step-sister’s wedding (against his will…) and I’m a sucker for a personal appeal from a friend. One of my good work friends is the swimmer and I know the runner, so I ummed and ahhed about it, mentioned it to my manager, who promptly said “Go for it, I’ll come and cheer you” (her fiancé is doing the individual event), and that was about as much as it took to persuade me (have you noticed I’m very suggestible? I mentioned it on today’s book review!).

So I am now signed up, irretrievably, to do the 40km leg of a proper length triathlon, having not taken part in a race of any sort since high school mandatory cross-country. Eeeeek! I’m very excited but quite scared, and looking for a bit of inspiration, training suggestions and motivation! And I’ll be posting here with the sponsorship link in good time.

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4 Responses to Triathlon eeeeek

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    That sounds like fun! Scary, but fun. I would love to do a triathlon, but I have a hip injury that keeps me from running. I’ve thought of doing one with a team, but haven’t found the right partners yet. Good luck with your training!

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to it… got an email today from my employer asking about top sizes so it looks like we are going to get some nice kit out of it too! Team triathlon seems like a great way to take part in something a bit less intense than a full-on bike race, without having to be tri-disciplinary.

  2. Verity says:

    London tri is great – K has done it. I’d love to do the swimming leg…. Shall we find a runner to do it with next year?!

    • Yes! I’m a bit annoyed that I have to do central fundraising for work and that we can’t make our own team fundraising link (even if it was for the same charity). So I’m up for doing it independently from work next year. I know a few runners but we should have a book-blogging themed team – shall we try to recruit a book blogger runner?

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