Triathlon update: I ended up cycling 25 miles yesterday – which is my triathlon distance. So I’m pretty pleased to have done that all in one day and now the trick will be to do it all in one go. I’m hoping that Wanstead Flats will turn out to be the perfect training ground and that I can simply do laps of it until I’ve hit 40km, and then go home.

Now I have a vicious cold which is being crafty and hiding from my nose so I don’t actually look ill. I have had about 3 hours’ sleep, it hurts to swallow and I’m in a foul mood about it all. This may or may not be related to 25 miles’ cycling yesterday.

Speaking of which, on my way home, I cycled over Tower Bridge. The tarmac must have been laid 100 years ago because it’s all wibbly at the edge (primitive bike lane segregation?), and there is a non-trivial incline as one approaches from the south, and a crazy one-way system to the north, but WOW. The view is just amazing.

But the point of this post was to record the fact that Cecily and I have now racked up 579 miles, (no punctures or falls yet!) and that is equivalent to cycling across Virginia on the Trans American trail.

I use Tools To Keep You Active to track my cycling and while I haven’t worked out how to share my achievements recorded there on the blog, I have copied across my little map:

I’m rather impressed with myself.

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4 Responses to Virginia

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    That’s really cool — I’d love to have a visual representation of how many miles I’ve ridden! I use Bike Journal to keep track of my miles (as well as the Garmin site that I put a link to on Twitter). I don’t know that I can export any information from Bike Journal, though — although I haven’t tried. But I have a record of almost every ride I’ve done since April 2006 on that site, which is a lot of information!

    • Yeah it’s pretty cool. It would be quite arduous for you to hand enter all your info from back in Apr 06 but maybe you should start now? It’s pretty amazing when you realise you’ve crossed a state (and you cycle A LOT more than me).

  2. verityjdo says:

    Wow! I wonder how long it would take me until I’ve racked up enough miles to swim the Atlantic ocean…

    • You should try it! At least get some kind of tracking website – either mine, which measures the distance across the USA, or another one… Dailyburn has challenges like “ride 100 miles” so I’m sure it has swimming ones too. I tried to find a “distance across Australia” one but no such luck online and it’s well beyond my computing abilities.

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