Cecily’s back from her summer holiday

Summer days have come and gone, and I have woefully neglected to keep this blog updated with Cecily’s adventures. In the 6 weeks or so since I last posted:

– Cecily and I completed the 40km stage of a team triathlon at the London Triathlon, coming home in an entirely respectable 1:32.

– Cecily and I accompanied The Musician and a Boris bike on the London SkyRide, a day on which a number of streets in central London were shut to traffic so that bike riders could zoom about in peace

– I commuted to my base office by bike a few times (I’m at my base office maybe 3 weeks of the year, all spread out)

– I’ve started commuting “long-distance” (8.2 miles each way) again, the first morning back into a 30mph headwind! And I didn’t think about a strong wind from the west making going south over a bridge quite interesting…

– Cecily’s lost a few bits and pieces, and needs a bit of medical attention. I’m hoping that 3G will be helping me out with that on Tuesday.

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