Losing ourselves

Cecily, during her summer of neglect (mostly because I was either working from home and therefore not leaving the flat at all, or in Lancaster and not able to take her with me), seems to have withered a little, because within two days, previously firmly affixed attachments fell off!

I lost the bottom half of the kickstand as I manoeuvred my way home from Canary Wharf, on a back street, and I didn’t realise what the noise was until I got home and found the bottom part missing (I had a kickstand that was adjustable in length, two tubes, one inside the other, held in place with a screw). Obviously the  top half was little use to me without the foot, so in the recycling that went.

A mere two days later, I battled with the City of London’s maze-like roadworks-enforced road closures, and thus waited in an intersection, on a hill, to be able to turn right in a split second. In my haste to move out of the centre of the intersection and into the side road, I must have put my right foot down on the toe clip, rather than on the other side of the pedal, and thus it came clean off. I was not about to double back to the middle of that intersection to retrieve it!

Let us hope that “things fall apart” do not come in threes.

As I’m in the middle of a month of frugality, I won’t be replacing the kickstand, and I’ve transferred the left toe clip to the right, as I always had trouble getting my left toe into it and I usually have to take my left foot out at traffic lights, so it makes sense to have the foot that will not be removed from the pedal be the one with the clip.

Cecily’s picked up a distinct clunk to the pedalling circuit as well – internet diagnosis, that most reliable of tools, gives me gunged-up grease and ball bearings in the bottom bracket. Knowing nearly nothing about bike maintenance, I took her to Fitzrovia Bicycles for repairs and they have got her up and running smoothly again for a tiny charge (seriously I was expecting 3 times as much).

It’s sad that Cecily is showing age already – she’s only been around for 6 months (although we have done over 700 miles in that time and usually at least 60 miles in a given week, with some long breaks), but I suppose it’s to be expected.

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