New Year, new attempts – Cecily meets the CS3

Cecily’s been gathering dust and getting in everyone’s way for the past few months as I went from one client to another with no showers and thus no cycling possibility (I’m not prepared to cycle 8 miles in London traffic and then face a client without a hot shower between the two…).

When I work in the office I almost always cycle, as it’s only 4 miles and 20ish minutes and it’s free and I have a locker there so I don’t have to schlepp cosmetics and towels around. But after work yesterday I needed to pick up my brand new Fitness First membership card (yes, I know, gym memberships are expensive, but I have managed to at least get a better deal by going through work and getting the corporate discount. Plus I can use any gym in London which means I can use the gyms near my clients and not suffer from “once I get in the door at home of an evening I am definitely not going out again” syndrome). Er, back to the point…

So yesterday Cecily and I did the 4 miles to Canary Wharf in the morning quickly and without any problems – that dreadful wind which had been howling around for the last few days had died off completely. Then at 6pm we did Canary Wharf to Berkeley Square; I tried to follow the CS3 west from the Wharf, but it wibbled around ALL OVER THE PLACE. I lost the route twice, despite having a reasonable sense of direction, and came to several abrupt stops while I tried to figure out where it was… wait… could that gap in the median strip that isn’t long enough for a bike possibly be part of it? Yes, yes it was. See the video below for a virtual tour of the route.

but then it spat me out at Tower Gateway and after a little more confused semi-navigation, I ended up back on my favourite road in London to cycle on – Tower Hill/Lower Thames St/Victoria Embankment. It took FOREVER to turn right off the Embankment up towards Trafalgar Square, but once I did, I got to cycle around Trafalgar Square, up Pall Mall and along Piccadilly (even if I then had to suddenly become a pedestrian wheeling a bike because you can’t turn right into Berkeley St).

How cool is that?

Pick up pass, cycle home along Oxford St, High Holborn, around the Museum of London roundabout…

Yes cycling is exhausting and time-consuming and occasionally dangerous, but I get to commute and still score all my touristy highs.


Post script – don’t cycle 14 miles in heavy traffic and get home and eat very cheesy pasta and then realise that you haven’t consumed any water since you left the office. Bad plan. Grumpiness will follow.

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