The tyre gods hate me

Here is the list of the last few times I have tried to cycle:

Tuesday 21st Feb – cycled 8 miles, discovered when I got out of work that I must have had a very slow flat front tyre because it was totally flat at 8pm, decided not to try and learn how to fix flat tyres in the dark and cold in the middle of Berkeley Square, tried to wheel bike to tube, outer tyre was jamming with brakes, put bike and self in taxi, got home. £33. Fixed the tyre when I got home.

Thursday 23rd Feb – cycled 100m, went over a sharp stone and the back tyre deflated instantly. Dropped bike at home and caught the tube. Fixed it myself when I got home.

Wednesday 29th Feb, cycled 8 miles in to work and 8 miles home, had a minor disagreement with the back of a bus and another cyclist on my way home which left everyone totally unharmed but me a bit shaken.

I lost my confidence and work got crazy, so I stopped cycling for about a month…

Monday 26th March – cycled 4 miles into work, no problem, 3.5 miles home because… another flat back tyre! Fixed it up myself having sought mobile repair service (more below), but in the morning it was flat again, so I clearly did a mediocre job.

Puncture proof tyres are so expensive; on the other hand I’ve spent at least 4 hours fixing tyres, throw in a taxi ride home and all the tube travel I’m doing because the bike is out of action on days when I haven’t had the time or energy to fix it, and I’m probably well beyond the cost of puncture proofs in time and money.

Now I just need time to take it to a bike shop and get puncture proof tyres put on…

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