Hello there!

I’m Yvann, I’m 23, working and training as an accountant with a big company in London. I studied physics at uni (Oxford) and am now studying modern languages (Open Uni). I had the good fortune to choose parents who love languages, so I grew up bilingual (in German) and with a smattering of other European languages (which is making the language degree easier). I used to play a lot of cricket, quite well actually, but now I don’t do that any more.

I live in East London with my PhD-studying husband, who’s tall and skinny and Scottish and very very clever, and sadly without my cats, who live in Germany with my parents and little sister. I am actually Australian, but no one seems to believe me.

My main blog is my book blog, which you can find at Reading, Fuelled By Tea, and I use the same descriptions for people in my life here at Adventures with Cecily as I do over there, so here is a link to the decoding of funny nicknames.


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