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So I realised I never posted about that triathlon I did 10 months ago (10 MONTHS AGO???). It was a perfect racing day; sunny but not baking hot. Suzie (the swimmer and a good friend) and I stressed about all … Continue reading

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Blessings be upon you

So I had a really crazy day yesterday in which I cycled 34 miles (I just mapped that. I had thought it was 25. No wonder I’m so exhausted today), viewed 8 properties, made a rental offer on one, bought … Continue reading

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Flat tyres, be gone!

A very exciting delivery was waiting for me when I got home from Easter in Edinburgh… Marathon Schwalbe Plus puncture proof tyres, which demonstrations have shown to be impervious to deliberate drawing pin attacks, and thus ought to be a … Continue reading

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The tyre gods hate me

Here is the list of the last few times I have tried to cycle: Tuesday 21st Feb – cycled 8 miles, discovered when I got out of work that I must have had a very slow flat front tyre because … Continue reading

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New Year, new attempts – Cecily meets the CS3

Cecily’s been gathering dust and getting in everyone’s way for the past few months as I went from one client to another with no showers and thus no cycling possibility (I’m not prepared to cycle 8 miles in London traffic … Continue reading

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City of London does it again

My Sunday church routine of choice is to get up about 8 a.m., saddle up and head down the 8 mile stretch to Westminster Cathedral, which is terribly magnificent and impressive and, I think, much easier to be pious in. … Continue reading

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Losing ourselves

Cecily, during her summer of neglect (mostly because I was either working from home and therefore not leaving the flat at all, or in Lancaster and not able to take her with me), seems to have withered a little, because … Continue reading

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